Post “Visit Palestine”

visit palestine stencil
Post “Visit Palestine”, Silk screen printing on acid free paper, 100*70 cm, 6 copies signed and numbered+2AP, 2009.

Post (Visit Palestine) or The Guillotine is a satiric appropriation of the original 1936 Visit Palestine poster. Visit Palestine poster was designed by the Israeli artist Franz Kraus in 1936, and published by a Zionist development agency to encourage a critical mass prior to the foundation of Israel. In 1995, another Israeli artist David Tartakover reprinted the poster as a way of celebrating the optimism generated by the Oslo Peace Accords.

After the failure of the peace process it was the time for a third print declaring the failure of the previous two prints.

visit palestine originalFranz Kraus 1936 
PS. the second print Made available through the Tel Aviv Museum, it was a hot item among Israelis and — ironically — among Palestinians, too. it has been posted in homes, shops, and offices all over the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians, in effect, are taking advantage of the ironies embodied in the provenance of Visit Palestine to thumb their noses at the Israeli government that for decades claimed there had never been such a place.
PS II. Ironically, the Post Visit Palestine poster was printed without permission on mugs and Tshirts and around 500.000 copies of the poster were printed and sold in jerusalem as souvenir gift from the holy land.


Thanks to: Imaging Apartheid, George al Ama, Ziad Haj Yousef, Gallery al Mahatta, Yara Odeh