Black Holes

life savings

My friend, Mahmoud, gave to me a gift of half a million dollars in a black plastic bag!

These were “Omar’s lifetime savings”, one of his relatives who were residing in Iraq. He had left during the Gulf War of 1991, as many other Arab workers in Iraq did at the time, carrying with them their savings in the Iraqi currency back to their home countries. As the Iraqi state collapsed, with its social contract, so did the Iraqi Dinar depreciate in value. (From 1 IQD = 3 USD down to 1 USD = 4000 IQD). Within just a few days the half a million dollars scattered to the wind, shrinking down to a mere 50 USD.
The state and its currency were decimated, eroded, leaving behind black scars and black holes that swallowed the lives and dreams of entire nations… Black holes from which sprung ISIS and invaded us; to complete the cycle of violence that feeds off of greed, suffering, and despair. 

Ps* Only art may one day restore a damaged, void currency to its former value and luster.

Black Hole-06Black Hole-02

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Black Hole-04

Black Hole-01

Black Hole-05
19030687_10155252106295535_8997166577379529614_nBlack Holes, Installation, Silk screen printing on banknotes, 6 copies signed and numbered + 2AP, 2016.
19113951_10155252106910535_3887104404880836910_n 19149366_10155252106750535_7164925484866444646_n 19224821_10155252107095535_4363691019726320298_n
Requiem in D minor, Video art, 1:30 min on loop, 2017.
19059749_10155252106110535_2357401038944505912_nSawad, Sculpture, Shredded banknotes, 105 x 95 x 5 cm, 2017.